About Us

About Us

eurohouse® is one of the most important players in the Romanian real estate market, having a ten-year experience in creating, developing and implementing the most effective solutions for its clients.

As the real estate market is characterized by continuous mobility and transformation, the main objective of the company is to approach in a professional manner the requirements of is clients, be they corporations, institutions or individuals, and to initiate long-term relationships with all these client categories, based on trust, respect and honesty.

The real estate service package provided by eurohouse® was conceived by taking into consideration each and every aspect of the client’s request. No matter if the client is a real estate owner, tenant, buyer or investor, eurohouse® provides integrated real estate services, including market analysis, property valuation, legal assistance, tax analysis, risk analysis, strategic planning and negotiation advising.

eurohouse® also provides investment management services, which are essential to a successful approach of the new market trends. eurohouse® has developed a strategic concept relating to real property acquisition inside and outside Bucharest. This concept focuses on raising the market value of said properties as well as on various development projects.

eurohouse® relies on its successful solutions and strategies in order to develop its positioning and promotion strategies in the real estate market.

eurohouse® vision

The core activities of the company consist in customized approaches of the clients’ requirements and in specific business principles.

The main objective of the company is to provide professional services to its clients, be they individuals, corporations or institutions and to initiate long-term relationships with all these client categories, based on trust, respect and honesty

eurohouse® team observes the fundamental values of the company as well as high professional standards. Other valued concepts are honesty, integrity and team work. Since 1996 eurohouse® has made use of a lot of resources in order to ensure appropriate employee training. Employee training is one of the key strategies of the company, which has allowed it to be successful in the real estate market.